Police give officer of the year and other awards

2014 police awards

On February 5, at an annual award ceremony the City of Carlsbad Police Department named the 2014 Police Officer, Police Supervisor, Civilian and Volunteers of the Year.

Officer Adam Young was named the 2014 Police Officer of the Year.  Young is a seven year veteran of the police department.  Among his many duties and responsibilities, Young is a regional training officer, SWAT trainer and field training officer.  Young helps to shape the future of the department though his dedication to duty and his commitment to pass along his expertise to young officers.

Sergeant Steve Thomas was named the 2014 Police Supervisor of the Year.  Thomas joined the police department in 2001 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2008. Currently Thomas supervises the Family Services Division of the police investigations unit.  The division includes domestic violence, child abuse, school resources and juvenile justice.  Co-workers reflect that Thomas supervises with the highest level of professionalism, ethics, respect and sensitivity.

Kari Pavlenko was named the 2014 Police Civilian Employee of the Year.  Pavlenko joined the department in 2004 and serves as a Communications Operator II.  Pavlenko is a SWAT dispatcher, a member of the PEER support team and a dispatch trainer.  Further, Pavlenko is an explorer advisor and the recent recipient of the “Olivia Castellanos Spirit Award,” an award that exemplifies Pavlenko’s hard work and dedication to duty.

Police Explorer Mary Chen was named the 2014 Police Explorer of the year.  While carrying a 4.0 GPA, Chen donated 400 hours to the program and leads the group with a hard work ethic and maturity beyond her years.  Ken Short was named the 2014 Senior Volunteer Patrol Member of the Year.  Short is a patrol leader that leads with compassion, accountability and professionalism while donating over 3000 hours of service to this valuable program. Betty Fitzpatrick was named the 2014 Senior Volunteer of the Year. Fitzpatrick helped the investigations unit improve a data entry system.  Fitzpatrick’s enthusiasm, tenacity and innovation aided the unit in creating a more efficient and effective investigative tool.

Also recognized at the ceremony were

  • Officer Jody Knisley—DUI Officer of the Year
  • Jerry Clements—Senior  Volunteer Medal of Merit Award
  • Sergeant Greg White—Medal of Merit Award
  • Officer Joseph Cosgrove—Lifesaving Award
  • Sergeant Jade Chase—Lifesaving Award
  • Kelly Fernandez—Chief’s Citizen Commendation

“I would like to personally thank these individuals for their tireless dedication to service,” noted Police Chief Gary Morrison.  “Through professionalism and example, these individuals represent the best of the department and help to ensure a safe and secure future for the City of Carlsbad.”

Photo caption
(Left to right) Kari Pavlenko, 2014 Police Civilian Employee of the Year; Officer Adam Young, 2014 Police Officer of the Year, and Sergeant Steve Thomas, 2014 Police Supervisor of the Year

Police media contact
Jodee Sasway, Community Relations Manager at 760-931-2105 or jodee.sasway@carlsbadca.gov

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