Carlsbad’s crime rate dropped in 2013

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On April 16 the San Diego Association of Governments released the 2013 crime statistical report for San Diego County.  The results showed the countywide violent crime rate dropped 5 percent when compared to 2012, the second lowest rate in the past 30 years; and the countywide property crime rate increased less than 1 percent when compared to 2012.

Carlsbad Summary
“The City of Carlsbad’s crime rate generally reflects what is going on countywide and even nationally, just at a lower level,” said Police Department Crime Analyst Cindy Anderson. “It is even more important to note that the violent crime rate decreased in 2013 and remains in the bottom one-third of the county.”

  • The City of Carlsbad’s FBI Index crime rate per 1,000 population dropped 4 percent when compared to 2012.  The numbers went from 2,374 reported crimes in 2012 to 2,306 reported crimes in 2013.
  • The 2013 violent crime rated decreased 17 percent when compared to 2012.
    • This decrease included homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.
  • Carlsbad’s violent crime “clearance rate” was the third highest in the county at 71 percent.  Clearance rate refers to cases that are resolved.
  • It is important to note that violent crime is seldom a random act.  Often the involved parties know each other.
  • The 2013 property crime rate per 1,000 population decreased 2 percent when compared to 2012.
    • The decrease included grand larceny and motor vehicle theft.
    • Residential burglary remained about the same.
    • A 13 percent increase occurred in the number of reported non-residential burglary cases in Carlsbad and countywide.  The past 10 years has shown the non-residential burglary rate in Carlsbad fluctuates between 157 cases per year and 267 cases per year.  With the increase, the overall number of reported burglary cases remains one of the lowest numbers in the past 30 years.
    • SANDAG noted that over 50 percent of the reported burglary cases indicated no use of force.

”The City of Carlsbad Police Department uses crime analysis directed policing to combat crime in Carlsbad,” noted Police Chief Gary Morrison. “This is a three tier approach that includes crime analysis, prevention and enforcement.”

Morrison went on to say that community members play an important role in Carlsbad’s crime preventing strategies.  Good policing takes teamwork and community members can help by being a good witness, reporting crime and suspicious activity, and removing all opportunities for crime.

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